mural can be a painting or a work of art applied directly on a wall, ceiling, or a large surface. You see it in alleys or the back of apartment buildings. You see it on the metal bodies of subway trains and buses. You see it on ceilings of churches. You see it everywhere.

However, in this particular form, your wall is your screen whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or television.

Although “mural” might pertain [or relate] to a wall, my take on the art form is an expression of a specific moment captured in time.

Welcome to Mural Mondays!

Every Monday or so, a picture or “mural” will be posted on Aidenn’s Journey. While some of these photos may come from a body of work that I have created and collected over the years, many (most) will come from more recent musings and wanderings. I hope you enjoy the wall and feel free to comment. Thanks!

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