Tiny Tinker Thoughts

In life, there are moments of philosophical epiphanies that make you wonder about the world around you, where life is going, and what you can do to carry on and keep your sanity. Sometimes they make life easier. Sometimes they don’t. But, most of the time, they linger deep within your mind even when you sleep. It’s either you use them or you don’t.

To me, it doesn’t really matter. I try my best to find humor in life when things get too serious, although it’s easier said than done. When you live in a big city, where the pace is as fast as a lightning bolt, you need a little bit of cynical humor. It’s a survival mechanism I suppose.

I use my philosophies to guide me, although sometimes (and I’m not going to lie), I’d rather go with someone else’s. Albeit my philosophies (or silly symphonies, if you will) work best for me, I figured, “Why not share some to the rest of the world?” But just one word of caution… Use at your own risk!