Blog: Holy Week ends with an egg

An egg-cellent movie weekend. But first, a little history… When I was a little boy, spending holy week meant that summer was here which meant there was no school or classes to attend, no homework to be completed, no exams to take, and no meals prepared using pork and beef or land creatures of any kind. That’s just how it was growing up on the other side of the globe. But holy week also meant the beginning of religious processions along with the familiar scene of flagellation (a practice in which a person (or group) whips himself–either clothed or shirtless–until he bleeds), sometimes accompanied by self-crucifixion toward the end of the event. A bit torturous and gruesome if you ask me, but apparently, the main purpose is to recreate and relive the last days of Jesus Christ on Earth…a form of sacrifice if you will. Now every religion is unique and has its own way of celebrating an important week on the religious calendar. I, on the other hand, had a more subdued idea on how to spend my holy week without having to lacerate my own flesh or skin and end up in the emergency room. On Palm Sunday, I cleaned the apartment and baked some cookies. Now that was pretty “regular” so far, right? Then on Monday, I went to work. Very typical. Mondays are usually the slowest day of the week, for me at least. It’s like the extension of Sunday. If I had my way, I’d rename and declare Monday as “Sunday II” or “Sunday Too” so none of us will ever have to go to work, but hey, I’m just a regular working guy and do not have any authority to make these changes. So let’s move on. Tuesday, I went to the gym during my lunch break, and sang my heart out at a cabaret right after work. Now that was fun! A few glasses of wine, and I was on and ready to rock out a good jazz song. But because I had to walk fast to reach the gym which was about ten blocks and two avenues from my office, I injured my foot. (More on this injury later) So Wednesday was a busy work day for me, but knowing that it was hump day made things a little easier. Normally, I’d be going home and anticipate the arrival of Thursday, but one does not turn down a dinner invite from a special new friend. I was asked if I wanted to go to Megu, one of the best Japanese restaurants in NYC, with other friends in midtown after work. I had not been out on a Wednesday in quite some time, so I said, “Sure, I’d love to.” And as it turned out, it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. How would you feel if your sashimi was carefully placed in a well-lit igloo on a large plate in front of you? (And yes, you read that right…an igloo! A tiny one of course, and it was a beauty).


sashimi inside an igloo at megu

Photo Credit: AAS


If you’re a fan of sushi/sashimi and you haven’t had it in a while, being presented with this work of art would be met with elation. It took me five minutes taking pictures and ate everything on the plate in under ten for a total of fifteen minutes. Needless to say, I was still hungry, but fret not because desserts were equally satisfying, if not better. I lingered for a while, chatting with friends, giggling, but the night had to end at some point. And so I bid them goodbye. And as I stood up, I could feel my foot throbbing. I thought ot myself, “Eh, probably just a hump day effect.” So I walked and limped my way to the nearest subway station. Thursday was supposed to be a networking day, but I had to cancel. My right foot hurt like hell…and I mean like hell! A sick call was in order, and I spent my morning at a podiatrist’s office. Luckily, he was only seven blocks away. And so, like a flagellant in a procession, I had to endure seven excruciating blocks to find out whether I fractured my foot or not. I wasn’t nervous or anything. I just wanted to know how long it would last. Not being able to walk properly that is. Thank God. After an hour and a half, I was told that it was just a sprain. Definitely way better than a fracture. I was given pain pills and a bandage treatment. I worked the following day with a cane and had fish for lunch. It was Good Friday, and being let out early at the office is a rare treat, so I took the opportunity to just take it easy and relax when I got home. Black Saturday was spent watching The Ten Commandments, an awe-inspiring biblical story about Moses, a prince of Egypt who freed all the Hebrews from bondage. It is a classic. I especially enjoy that it comes with a foreword on a theater stage by Cecil B. DeMille. And if that wasn’t biblical enough, I saw The Passion of the Christ after. A very intense, violent but deeply affecting film that centered around the events leading to Jesus’s crucifixion. One uneventful day led to another, except this time around, I could eat anything I wanted.  So did my dog, Quincy, who came dressed for the occasion. See below.



Photo Credit: AAS


Finally, getting to see 2014’s Oscar Best Foreign Film The Great Beauty was an egg-cellent way to end my week. Of course, my second attempt at making chicken tikka masala was an accomplishment all in itself, watching this film truly satisfied my foreign film craving for the week. A beautiful and captivating film in all aspects, it won my heart. A man who celebrates his 65th birthday finally finds himself at odds with his high society lifestyle in Rome when an unexpected death of a former romantic partner takes place. Its Fellini-esque sensibilities reminded me of La Dolce Vita and little bit of 8 1/2. It has poise and glamour but also filled with melancholy. The images presented in the film will definitely linger on for years… And all of this taking place amidst a beautiful landscape… Belissima!


great beauty


So there you go. I did not end up lacerating my back by whipping myself to death, but I did manage to create an interesting week, at least for myself.  And as a reward for making it through the week, I got myself a day off today (Monday).

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and I am looking forward to cabaret…


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