Poetry 101: The Novelty of New

Welcome to a new series called Poetry 101: My Take on Poems and Rhymes. I was a literary editor back in high school and was assigned the task of writing poems. Sadly, I never wrote a single one. My best friend and then editor-in-chief wrote them all for me…twenty years ago. But I am changing all that. So with no further ado, here it goes…

The Novelty of New
by Aidenn A. Spelling

Something shiny
Something neat
Something crispy
Something sweet

Freshly baked bread
And a freshly pressed shirt
They make us feel good
They lift our mood

A brand new house
And a brand new car
That’s usually one pair
That’s meant to go together

A cute new puppy
Or a cute new baby
There’s something for everyone
Even to seek a special someone

A brand new heart
Can get your spirits jumping
You ought to embark
You should be up and running

But the challenge begins
When new has lost its sheen
That brand new love
Begins to fade in the dark

Will it last forever?
Dare you ask, dear inquisitor?
The new you desire
The euphoria that gives you fervor

I know I have been there
It’s happened before that fire
It’s intoxicating, it’s an elixir
It aims to make you feel higher

A newly found friend
Or a newly found foe
Sometimes, things that begin
Will eventually reach its goal

That is life I suppose
I’m certain, I ought to know
Doesn’t make things any easier
We just need to let go

But in the darkness, you see
Comes a wave full of ecstasy
The lone star will shine bright as ever
Someday when it’s all over





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