Poetry 102: Summertime Delusions

Summertime Delusions
by Aidenn A. Spelling

It brings me joy the coming of warmer winds
Brought on by the arrival of the summer solstice
It signals more heat and that there’s no need
To wear bulky sweaters and layers in tweed

Trees with leaves so green and flowers in full bloom
Runners in and around the park they sprint, they zoom
While teenagers play ball and older adults play chess
Some just stroll around with no worries, no stress

It seems never-ending the daylight during this season
The sun never seems to get tired, I just see no reason
I believe it’s because that’s what summer is all about
It floods you with light, with smiles and cheers no doubt

Parties and birthdays all the more reason to come out
And enjoy the beach, the sand, go fishing, catch some trout
You know the barbecue grills will be working overtime this year
And fares and festivals and amusement parks are all in high gear

But don’t be fooled, yes it’s true, it will not last that long
A summer so quick, it deceives, it ends like a swan song
A performance that we thought would last breaks our hearts
 A love affair of epic proportion must end too and depart

For that’s the illusion it presents in a place with four seasons
It will come to an end so fast you can’t even come up with a reason
To bear the departure, it’s almost like death I just cannot fathom
We might as well stop it now, become like ghosts or phantoms

And when the sun dives into the sunset on the very last day
Of the solstice, there’s one last glimmer, one last hope, so let’s pray
That autumn’s colorful display will ease our pain and revive our spirits
Until winter frost arrives and the cold spring’s spell test our limits


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