Poetry 108: Halcyon Days…At Papa Alex’s House

Halcyon Days…At Papa Alex’s House
by Aidenn A. Spelling

Tonight I’ll dream of a colorful little jeep
That’ll take me to a magical place as I sleep
A place filled with mythical creatures
A place where talking trees live in nature

I’ll travel for hours and leave the traffic jam
With a peanut butter sandwich in my hand
I will sit and stay, savor the fresh country air
Look at fields and trees, and their greenish flair

I’ll pass by the marketplace filled with vendors
Selling food and snacks in alleys so slender
The smoke from barbecue stalls billows, rises
Tickles your chin, “Come follow me, I have surprises”

I’ll see children playing ball in the narrow streets
I’ll see boys and girls running around carrying treats
They smile, they giggle, they laugh, they wiggle
Not a care in the world, they need not fiddle

Time is endless in this wondrous happy place
People walk with smiles, it’s just commonplace
Young and old, they all have a common factor
Tall and short, they all seem put together

And as I near the end of my excursion
The driver honks his horn to signal my apparition
The townspeople scramble and come out and yell
“Welcome dear friend” as they sing and cast a spell

And as I step out from my comfy position
I’m greeted by a scene with perfect composition
I see faces so dear I recognize them though I’m asleep
I see the head of the clan, he towers, he smiles, he weeps



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