Poetry 150: Soar

by Aidenn A. Spelling

As I write this song
I inhale my last breath
And look up to the sky
With a natural high

As I reach for the clouds
My wings start to come out
I begin to float above
And start flying like a dove

The feeling is exhilarating
My arms free flowing
My feet are not dangling
My mind freewheeling

I see the world down below
Human heads and cars in tow
Spires and roofs all protrude
From glassy buildings that stood

I see ducks in the pond
And joggers running around
The trees swaying happily
Their branches waving at me

Rainbow on the horizon
So vivid and bright
Invites me to follow
Till there’s no tomorrow

Is this just a dream?
Is this really happening?
Wake myself up and scream
Or I will keep flying…I will keep flying


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