Poetry 154: The Neverending Road

The Neverending Road

We go about our lives
Life is one huge open road

We are born
We go to school
We find a job
We get married
We have kids

Then our children
Will have their own
And those kids
Will go to school
Find a job
And get married

And the cycle repeats
And it goes on and on

It’s a routine that generations
Before us have done
And it’s a routine that
Future generations will follow
Like a path that never ends

But what if
That path does end
And branch out
Into other paths

Once in a while
That long straight road
Could stretch out
Into two distinct ones–
Right or left–
And we are faced with
A gut-wrenching decision

The road for some
Is not clear cut
And it can be troublesome
In ways more than one

But for others
It is an adventure
The thrill of the unknown
Can be an inspiration
The thrill of the unexpected
Exhilarating and filled with visions


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