Poetry 161: For Cezzy on Her Special Day

For Cezzy on Her Special Day

Birthdays evoke childhood fantasies
Hidden deep within our fragile memories
They conjure thoughts of sweetness
Revealing surprises wrapped in fancy boxes

Sometimes they come with travel tickets
To see strange places full of crickets
Sometimes they come with forks and knives
Dine at some fancy place with husbands and wives

But what’s a birthday with no one to share it with?
No guests to arrive, no place to go, no one to eat with?
Surely it’s still a birthday no matter what the circumstances
But is it just a day to remember, a day to make a wish or reminisce?

Our family and friends give us hope and happiness
Offering unconditional love in times of togetherness
Therefore, what birthdays offer is already in the greeting
What they bring is absolutely almost always enchanting



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