Poetry 103: The Warrior Within

The Warrior Within
by Aidenn A. Spelling

There comes a time when a life-changing event hits you really hard
That it becomes hard to imagine getting over the feeling of being scarred
You change the way you act, the way you look at things in life
You make different choices, many of which are hasty, sharp like a knife

You run away trying to find that one solace, that one safe place
You think will make things better, collect your broken self in one space
You go into hiding, you seek refuge from the world and your own demons
You isolate yourself and try to deal with things with little inhibitions

And then it hits you and you realize certain things take time to heal
Sometimes all you can do is wait it out, take it slowly and conceal
The pain that kept you burdened, anguished for many years and say,
“This is not real. I will prevail. I think I can make it work. I think I will be okay.”

You convince yourself, you think, you meditate, you begin to reconnect
And after years of hiding, the shield has finally been broken, no longer intact
A cave that was once a refuge has opened up, sunlight peering, penetrating
You stand up, wobbly in the beginning, unaware of what’s around, investigating

And then you take your first step, shaky and unsure if you want to continue
But instincts prevent you, you’re scared, you wonder what lies ahead if you pursue
You close your eyes and take a deep breath, you know you feel it in your bones
The darkness that has kept you, clothed you, enveloped you finally leaves, bemoans

You’re a warrior you figured, made of steel, made of diamond, made of gold
Shining brightly, no crutches necessary because you’re determined, you’re bold
You look up at the opening, the light, the faint breeze, the air and warmth, they beguile
Years of sorrow have ended, you decided, the world shall finally see your smile

But how do you climb up, how do you escape, the ruggedness, the rocky wall?
Sharp and piercing, the rocks can lacerate, they can injure, they can make you fall
There’s one little trick although a little fantastical, but it’s the only way to explore
Dream a little dream, stand in the middle, spread your wings, flap them and soar


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