Poetry 104: Farewell to Flight

Farewell to Flight
by Aidenn A. Spelling

For many years I have tried to fix
Pair of broken wings buried by bricks
Very fragile things they used to be
A stunning pair of grace and beauty

I remember the days of freewheeling
I remember how it was, so refreshing
Flying in unison through the clouds so high
Then dipping down below the waters we try

We’d glide through the mountaintop
We’d spin around above the treetop
Take in the fresh spring air and breathe
All that is precious above and beneath

For years the happy routine carried on
A dual effort even during a migration
We’d join a flock of beauties and seek
And graze upon land, water or mountain peak

We’d feed on fishes and mammals and seeds
We’d bask in the sun, on top of grass and weeds
Not a care in the world we lived like kings
Masters of the universe, thank God for wings

But nothing is permanent, nothing lasts
An ominous cloud threatens to make a blast
A carefree flight within the city turns deadly
A creature has fallen, hit by heavy debris

I come to the rescue to save a daring twin
But too late I was, for damage has befallen
Appendages of flight, crippled and painful
Tho life has been spared, I ought to be grateful

My strong feet carried the injured creature
Back to its nest to rest, to sleep, to recover
From day one I tend, I tried with all my might
To mend, to heal, to feed and give some light

But glorious days that once was had is gone
A duo so mighty, so strong has moved on
Only memories remain, both bad and good
Yearnings will fade, I’ll look to tomorrow as I should


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