Poetry 105: The Shadow

The Shadow
by Aidenn A. Spelling

Darkness falls, fears rise
The wind of despair blows
It comes, it moves, it cries
The blackness only grows

It touches your red cheeks
It scorches your fragile soul
The enemy has no limits
Screams, comes out of its hole

The dark force rides upon
A power of strong will
Anyone who hangs on
Risks death and fiendish chill

Does it leave, will it go?
Or forever makes its case
Looks like a murder of crows
I say, “Please leave this space”

But it does not want to listen
It does not want to hear
The screams and calls for help
In the shadows have no power

The streets now lie empty
As the sky turns to purple
The dawn offers a hefty
Relief from all that’s hurtful

Hidden for now it lies
Undisturbed until it emerges
Back from its slumber, cries
Darkness returns, converges


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