Poetry 106: Halcyon Days…Of Childhood Rain

Halcyon Days…Of Childhood Rain
by Aidenn A. Spelling

My ears are always wide open
My eyes are constantly peeled
They never cease to listen
To watch intently and to heed

The signs of nature’s glory
Above and below they’re all over
The clear blue skies tell a story
Like symphony from a composer

Eastern winds blow a cool breeze
A soothing note from the warm rays
The tall grassy field sway with ease
As the clouds form, they start to race

My skin feels a touch of moist
The air somehow grew a bit heavy  
The skies above no longer rejoice
Its music stops, it sings a new medley

Water falls, it drips, it cascades
From my eyes, my nose, my chin, my face
It pitter-patters as I run unafraid
Have to make it back, no time for grace

I run and run ever so swiftly
My feet throb but dare not flop
Slips could delay ever so quickly
In time for supper, no time to stop


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