Poetry 107: Halcyon Days…Of High School

Halcyon Days…Of High School
by Aidenn A. Spelling

The look and smell of thick old textbooks
The vibe and feel of boxy old classrooms
Of days past, like a stream or shallow brook
It passes, it leaves, nor stays nor looms

Adolescent joys and after-school meets
Endless chitchats, gossips and giggles
At five on Friday an old diner awaits
A host to friends who love their pickles

Reminisce old teachers, critique the new
Talk of old flames, talk of childish games
Baytree was its name, owned by a shrew
Who made some burgers on very hot flames

Its four small corners held in its place
Many fond memories of teenage years
Of talks and ideas one cannot erase
Of drama and friendship will put one to tears

Some days it’s empty, some days it’s packed
But it doesn’t matter, it’s all good
The venue requires not to be exact
Okay to miss a day, go home as one should

As years went by the eatery has ceased
To be the epicenter of high school chatters
No longer is it a place to come and eat
No longer is it a place for tons of laughter


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