Poetry 109: The Accidental Bloom

The Accidental Bloom
by Aidenn A. Spelling

A lonely bud forms at the end of winter
It signals an end to cold frosty weather
Spring has come, we all celebrate
A new beginning we all can relate

Rain comes, the days get longer
The bud that once was now feature
A cottonball cluster of soft silky petals
Charming and pretty, birds try to nestle

Chirps abound and squirrels run
Like children coming out for some fun
They play, they fly, they soar like butterflies
Reaching for the sun, the warm blue skies

The grass gets greener ready for the arrival
Of gardeners and admirers, oh they are gentle
The flowers bloom, the people begin to explore
The beaches and boardwalks, the tides roar

Continues till summer, the heat makes it stronger
Love grows, tenderness and hope will linger
It stays for a while the feeling of ecstasy
The bud that had bloomed out of serendipity

It watches, it sees all that is good, all that is free
It need not beg for anything, it sits on a tree
But it cannot foresee or sense what lies ahead
For when fall arrives, it goes to sleep on its bed

As the sun sets, its body begins to wither, shrivel
Like a raisin that was once plump, now wrinkled
It changes its rich hue from green to light yellow
All dried up, it screams but there’s not even an echo


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