Poetry 110: Island of Fire

Island of Fire
by Aidenn A. Spelling

A barrier island on the south shore of Long Island
It moves, it sways, it rolls, it conveys
A message of warmth in distant land
Underneath the sun amidst fine sugary sand

People converge with gaiety and spontaneity
Lots of food and wine, entertainment divine
Nature connects and human lives intersect
A peaceful retreat, on faraway land, oh so sweet

With rolling boardwalks they twist and turn
You might get lost, your stomach could churn
But instincts will save you, the sun will guide you
Have no fear dear friend, all it takes is a good shoe

Let your ears be your eyes, let the sounds reveal
The secrets of the island, music shall not conceal
What fun it is to live, to drink and dance all day
What fun it is to stay in or swim or stroll or lay

On the sand so nice, on the sands you’ll lose track
Of time and place, of anxieties, just don’t hold back
A place you’ll surely miss, your heart will not dismiss
In time you will return but for now just give a flying kiss









Note: This is a companion to my photography series Fotografía: Fire Island–The Dock, The Sands and The Last Hour

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