Poetry 115: The Boy Who Could Fly

The Boy Who Could Fly
by Aidenn A. Spelling

I look up at the afternoon sky and stare at the clouds
And dream of possibilities I’m dying to scream out loud
I see interesting formations of varying shapes and sizes
I see new creations floating high above offering surprises

I see images of pachyderms and beautiful baby seals
I see trolls and fairies…and elves wearing heels
Puffy marshmallows filling the blue background behind
I can almost touch these cotton balls with just one hand

They make me want to float, to rise, and to levitate
For just one day, I’d like to turn into a balloon and inflate
Rise above and fly and float with no worries at all
Mingle with birds, flying belugas and dolphins and not fall

I will eat some ice cream cake and have cream puff all so fluffy
Mix it with fruits and white chocolate toppings get myself all chubby
Strawberry shortcake sounds so delicious I can see myself devouring
Nuts and rainbow sprinkles all gather for a good afternoon serving

And when I am done I will hesitate to say a regretful goodbye
I will refuse to part ways with new friends, the moment just can’t die
I will start to deflate and realize the time is over for now
Leave floating houses, flying pigs and cows, peer down and bow

I will slowly descend and shed tears as the sun sets in the west
While the moon rises and darkness creeps over I still feel blessed
I will thank the Lord for I was given an extraordinary time
I will thank my new friends for they have shown me a world so sublime


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