Poetry 114: When You Get Stuck

When You Get Stuck
by Aidenn A. Spelling

One day as I walk inside a dark tunnel
I see a big black figure that resembles a bubble
Scared of going near it, I creep ever so slowly
Until I reach the gelatinous thing that looks so icky

A big ball of blubber, it blocks the light
I can’t see anything with my poor eyesight
But once I get a close look I finally realize
This giant jelly will be a challenge to pulverize

I stand there trying to figure out
“What is this monster doing here?!” I pout
I touch and smell, I stare and stall
I listen for sounds but it’s just a glutinous ball

A delay that seems forever I just see no end
This huge ball of fat won’t move or bend
It blocks the narrows, it fills, it obstructs
No spaces, no hollows, no way out, it sucks

“Dear Lord,” I pray, “please find me a way
Please give me the wisdom to pass thru this clay”
I sit there and wait but no answer comes to me
I cry big tears, I wail but blubber mocks with glee

It begins to speak in a gibberish lingo
I cannot understand, much rather play bingo
Then finally it says, “Weakling, better turn back
I am indestructible, I am hard to crack”

But just when it utters its final and last word
A thought comes to mind I better not be heard
I answer back to the blubber and say in return
“But, of course, you are. You are hard, you are stern.”

But little does it know I already know the answer
I’ve known it all along, was answered in my prayer
The wisdom to pass thru is all it takes to escape
The wisdom that was given to me says no need to scrape

The blubber thinks it’s hard like a rock
It frightens, it intimidates but all it does is mock
And as it goes silent both my hands I clasp
Sliding my way in, I enter, I exit, without having to grasp



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