Fotografía: Portrait of a Frenchie I

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to my very own, man of the house, king of his castle, master of his domain, prince of princes–Quincy the Frenchie!

quincy closeup 5

A charming but modest little pooch, he has inspired a number of fun activities since joining the family in 2007. He delights in his mini kibbles for breakfast and dinner and enjoys quiet walks in the streets of Brooklyn.

He loves sniffing flowers, savoring the sweet smell of spring and feeling the gentle warm breeze in the summer. And he loves saying hello to those who await his lovely presence in the neighborhood.

quincy ears

During autumn, he loves walking through piles of dried colored leaves and always anticipates dressing up for Halloween. Who could resist, right?

In winter, he revels in taking pictures in the park especially after the first snowstorm, plowing through the snow-covered lawn in his warm wool sweater.

quincy right profile

And when he’s not busy, he relishes in lazing around in his lounge beds at home or cuddling up on the couch watching some of his Disney favorites like Dumbo, Ratatouille, and Frozen.

quincy blue background

Quincy is playful by nature and yearns for his masters’ love. He only desires to please, although on certain occasions, the bulldog in him prevails and demands what he wants (and deserves!). Treats, please!

Nevertheless, he is a certified affectionate dog and always…always keeps his puppyhood innocence no matter what happens. He is truly a one-of-a-kind dog and is beloved by many.

quincy closeup 4

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