Poetry 119: The Night Before Halloween…A Ghoulishly Sweet Tradition

The Night Before Halloween…A Ghoulishly Sweet Tradition
by Aidenn A. Spelling

‘Tis the night before All Hallow’s Eve
That I reek with grave anticipation
Of ghouls’ and goblins’ fiendish arrival
Of pumpkin heads and ghostly apparitions

I tremble not out of darkness
I tremble not out of fear
I know that ghosts aren’t real
I know witches can’t make me disappear

A full moon shall not cause a panic
Nor a colony of bats or spiders
Not even a black cat holds any power
Nor talks of the undead or even Lucifer

But deep inside I have a weakness
I know it’s impossible to believe
I have a certain fondness of the dark
I have a certain taste for gnashing teeth

My senses heighten as darkness creeps
A tingling sensation makes me sweat a little
Makes me shiver, shake, and quiver
Gives my hard shell a small quick jiggle

But not because I am awfully terrified
Or even scared of the lurking evil
I know that I am built for this occasion
I am ready for what tomorrow will reveal

Oh, I cannot wait for that monstrous moment
When blood-sucking creatures abound
When children come asking for my presence
When trick or treating becomes so profound

Everyone will feel the moment sweep
Everyone will smell the excitement all around
When capes, fangs, and hideous masks arrive
When fairies fly and devils’ wings confound

Oh, I cannot wait to be in someone’s orange bucket
Or a cauldron fitting for a master candy harbinger
Get crushed, get chewed and consumed in an instant
Get savored, get tasted, get swallowed and devoured

A ghoulish tradition that holds true every year
A magic spell that comes with chill in the air
One’s sharp sweet tooth will surely be sated
With an endless supply of treats to share


 shutterstock_115646047 - halloween


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