Blog: I am guilty

I admit. I procrastinate.

Everyone has priorities. Everyone has a schedule that they follow, whether you’re a stay-at-home or working mom…or a stay-at-home or working dad…or a student–working or non-working–trying to get through a tough semester of reading, term papers, essays, and examinations. But, sadly, not everyone gets to follow these plans religiously.

I, myself, love planning. It’s important. It’s how you bring organization into a busy and chaotic lifestyle. It brings a semblance of order into your life. Without planning and without your calendar (Outlook or iPhone…or Android), you would be living the life similar to that of a nomad, a wanderer, existing on day-to-day activities with no definite plans. No use for a calendar. No need to remember your age or birthdays or what to do next except what your next meal is going to be, although, in my opinion, even that is a form of planning.

It’s a life I’ve always wanted. That is…not having to worry about planning, or schedules, or waking up in the morning using my phone alarm clock, or watching a show on TV that starts at 8:30 in the morning on a Sunday, or doing laundry at 7:30 AM on the weekends because I know it will be crowded if I started late, or going to my dentist for a cleaning during my lunch hour or meeting a friend for dinner at 7 somewhere in the city for some Thai food. Who wants to remember all those appointments and all those dinners and luncheons and all those christenings and baby showers and birthdays. Why can’t we all just live on a per-walk-in-basis kind of life? See people. Eat. Drink. And celebrate special occasions whenever we feel like it.

And the hardest part about the whole thing is that when you do plan something, that’s when things go wrong. There are times when you start doing other things on top of what’s already been planned. You lose track of time. You start watching something on Netflix. You busy yourself with text messages, emails. And boom! You’ve lost track of your goals. Nothing accomplished.

So, yes, planning and time management are vital to our survival. And we need to stick to them most of the time. And although it breeds a certain robotic lifestyle where things get done at a certain time each day, each month, and each year, planning is crucial to achieving things in life. Otherwise, you’ll be writing that next greatest American novel for the next 50 years without it seeing the light of day. The very definition of advancement, moving forward, learning from mistakes from our past will cease to exist.

But there’s still a feeling inside of me that keeps asking, “Won’t it get monotonous? Or tiresome?” Wouldn’t it be great to break free and stop planning altogether? And just end it completely. Live a carefree life. No appointments. Just go out and have fun. Have a good time and enjoy what life has to offer with no worries about time at all. We have all had that moment I am sure. Maybe that exists somewhere out there…but on a different planet.

I can be a procrastinator. I admit. But I also love planning and when I put my mind into it, I can be the best planner in the world, but, sometimes, the best plan is to not have any plans at all.

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