Poetry 124: The Messenger (Part One)

The Messenger (Part One)
by Aidenn A. Spelling

A young man traveled from a distant land
And carried with him a certain wisdom
“Lo and behold,” he said to the people
“I have a message from where I come from”

He unrolled a scroll that’s covered with sand
And began to utter the words from it
Its writings unclear, scratched and weathered
From days of travel and storms that battered it

“The world will end in three full days
Pack your things and make your way
Across salty waters and into the new land
You will find paradise, just don’t delay”

But the people were so confused
And none of them could understand:

“Why, our lives are just fine
We have food, we have land”
We have water, we have fun
We have livestock, we have wine.
We have everything our hearts desire
We don’t foresee any danger at hand!”

The people did not heed his calls to leave
For they thought that everything was nice and comfy
The sun shining bright and the skies clear and blue
There was no reason to leave the land that made them cozy

But the man still persisted and spread the message
From one house to another he tried to persuade
“Please leave and heed thy grave warning
A great terror will come and all happiness will fade”

To Be Continued…


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