Poetry 125: The Messenger (Part Two)

The Messenger (Part Two)
by Aidenn A. Spelling

And sure enough in the days that followed
Many things began to turn very sour
The supply of sweet honey began to dwindle
Bread and meat became scarce, the situation dire

The air became moist and sort of metallic
The sky turned darker, no longer clear and blue
The mood shifted quickly as the people grew agitated
Gathering scraps and squeezing the well now filled with goo
Water stopped flowing and thirst was now commonplace
People began to fight and steal and hurt each other
Hitting and screaming and scratching and biting
What was once peaceful was now total disorder

But the young man could not be deterred
For he vowed to send across his warning
So once again he pleaded among the people
And stood in the middle of the square screaming

“Two days have passed but you have not listened
The world you live in shall soon disappear
Not a single soul will survive or live
To tell what had happened to all that was dear”

But everyone was busy with his/her concerns
No one paid attention to the young man ridden with scars
Until one girl, amidst the chaos, yelled in response to his plea
“What happens to us tomorrow, messenger from afar?”

To Be Continued…

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