Poetry 126: The Messenger (Part Three)

The Messenger (Part Three)
by Aidenn A. Spelling

The man looked at her with a faint smile
And spoke in a firm but weary tone:
“I come from a city below the mountain of fire
Miles away from this town you call home”

He pointed his finger at a mountain far, far away
With a huge dark cloud hovering above it
The girl looked at it like she’d never seen it before
Her eyes firmly fixed on its fiery red mouth all lit

“It is coming this way,” he said with mesmerizing fear
“The dark cloud that brings terror and death and misery”
The girl was scared after this awful revelation
And grabbed his arm and looked at him with utmost sincerity

“I realize now what you mean about the end
I couldn’t have known until I looked into your eyes
You speak of truth I see it now and it makes me cry
After seeing the future unfold right before my own eyes”

“Now you have the same wisdom,” said the young man
“It is up to you and me now to convince everyone
To flee this land so they may be safe and sound
So they may live to tell the truth for many years to come”

And so they went from person to person
To try and save as many lives as they can
They endured scorns and sneers from many
While others decided to stay put and not listen

A Herculean task for two young people
A feat that time was not generous enough to offer
Who would survive in such looming danger?
Would hope be around for those who linger?

To Be Continued…

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