Poetry 127: The Messenger (Part Four)

The Messenger (Part Four)
by Aidenn A. Spelling

At last the clouds of doom began their descent
As a thunderous roar was heard throughout the land
In a few hours they could wipe a town or an entire city
Sparing no one in its path, not even a tree can withstand

Day became night and rocky rain began to pour
As mist enveloped the city screaming in agony
Streets turned chaotic, fights no longer relevant
All that was important was to keep alive their sanity

Many people scrambled while others still oblivious
Still clinging on to their land and treasures, what a pity
As some citizens decided to leave and run outside
Others stayed indoors, sealed their doors shut and waited silly

Among those who escaped to leave the ailing town
Twenty four followed the one who shared the wisdom
But as struggles arose to find only six boats afloat
Many who fought for space got kicked and drowned

Twenty four became twenty and got on board safely
Men, women and children all represented but all scared
They began to row the boat to escape the terror’s reign
They traveled eastwards against the wind, tough tho they dared

What started with six became four as winds prevailed
Then four became two and that was all that was left
The rest were swept away by waves and fiery hail
Ten on each cried or prayed while the rest of them slept

As skies turned brighter, a ray of light peeked a little
Behind the clouds it crept downwards unto the survivors
They all fell into a deep slumber with no sign or warning
And when they woke up, their boats had docked on strange shores

The people were greeted by new friends from the village
And offered bread and milk and honey, and all things familiar
The little girl, all perplexed and confused, asked a question
“Where is the messenger, our savior, who had come from afar?”

No one could remember, not a single person could recall
She asked all survivors but said only twenty made it alive
And when she asked who saved them, they all looked at her intently
And smiled and cried and hugged her, grateful to have survived



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