Thank you, 2014! Hello, 2015!

As we say goodbye to the old and welcome a new chapter in our lives, we take a brief moment of silence to pause and reflect the highs and lows of what will be known as simply a part of our past. To some, this would be a mere blip in history, but to others–myself included–it will be remembered as the year we made a difference, whether big or small.

I must say that it has been one helluva ride. The Year of the Horse certainly did not disappoint as I galloped my way to a number of unexpected circumstances and projects.

Although my day job has dominated my entire year, a few interesting ventures have seemingly emerged. One of them is writing.

2014 was the year that I started my blog. It has been less than a year, but my eight-month journey has been a very interesting one…so far.


Nora Ephron once said that the hardest part about writing is writing. And she was right. There are times when all I could think about was work (Note: Stress can ruin your concentration). Or having a nice delicious vanilla cupcake from Magnolia Bakery while watching the latest episode of, I don’t know, Downton Abbey or The Walking Dead. Distractions and procrastination are my worst enemies! But the late Miss Ephron left one minor detail. Yes, we get the hardest part, but the greatest part…that’s the cherry on top of the icing.

The greatest part about writing is one that is immeasurable. It gives you pleasure and satisfaction. It is both cathartic and therapeutic. It is a constant exercise of self-discovery and the endless search for that voice…my voice (and yours). It is there. And I know it. And it is slowly coming out. One day, that small voice will become a big booming one accompanied by thunder, trumpets, and the sound of chariots. Okay, well maybe not that dramatic, but you get the idea.


I would like to thank my followers. I had meant to do this as a diary of sorts, a way to post some pictures that meant something to me, write a little bit, and share some stories and ideas. It is too early to tell and eight months of writing and blogging isn’t enough, but I cannot wait to
create more, write more, and read more for the new year.

Though, at times, typing on the keyboard appears to be a big task or even an ordeal, try to keep in mind that writing should never be a chore. Find that inspiration within, take a deep breath and type away. 2015 is here and it gives us another chance to share our creative side to the world.

Thank you, 2014! And welcome, 2015–the Year of the Sheep–the year to heal from the misgivings and negativities of the past and the year to cultivate art, beauty, and creativity.

Happy New Year!




  1. Very inspiring! And, only eight months old. You are an old pro already. Happy New Year and I look forward to more posts in the year of the sheep. You just might inspire me to put to words some thoughts and reminiscences in the coming year.

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