Poetry 131: The Buttons of Our Lives

The Buttons of Our Lives
by Aidenn A. Spelling

One for your pants to keep them intact
Two for your sleeves to unroll in the heat
Two for your Oxfords ready for a tie act
Seven for your dress shirt to make it complete

One to close that clutch or pretty little handbag
Or none if you use a zipper, a gym bag or tote
One to hold or chew on when life seems to drag
Four to complete the look if you wear a coat

I saw four on each to close those boots in winter
Yes, even in footwear they appear to be of use
Five for your shawl or that classic cardigan sweater
But none if you decide to put a scarf to use

A small disc that’s sewn in, all modest and real
On things we own, close to our hearts and skin
A part of our lives, our bodies, and our souls
Forever entangled, forever connected like a twin



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