Poetry 132: A World of Ecstasy

A World of Ecstasy
by Aidenn A. Spelling

As you enter through the gates
And greeted by immense bright light
Your skin is awakened
Your senses revived

A momentary blindness
Installs temporary fear
Withers away in seconds
Reveals a path that’s clear

It invites you to soak
Feel the light penetrate your veins
Smell the scent of fresh linen
And the sweetness of honey reigns

Walk through the clouds
And breathe the joy
See the misty air rise
Play like they’re fluffy toys

And as clarity settles
And new wonders arrive
Beings emerge from hiding
And make you feel alive

What follows next is wonder
A world unlike any other
It brings you in like an enchantment
And wants you to stay there forever



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