Poetry 139: The Man in the Woods (Part Five: The Cursed Prince)

The Man in the Woods (Part Five: The Cursed Prince)
by Aidenn A. Spelling

V. The Cursed Prince

Guessing riddles can be a task
They can make you think twice
They can make you think a lot
But they can reveal secrets so nice

So nice that strange feelings rise
Mind sparks and body electrifies
A new world opens with new thoughts
And a new perspective, what a surprise!

So when she finally figures it all out
Her mind goes on a coaster ride
And without even opening her mouth
The beast transforms with pride

He turns into a beautiful creature
As the moon beam shines above him
Sparks fly all around like a star exploding
And settles like pixie dust illuminating what’s dim

“Listen to me carefully little girl…
I won’t last like this for much too long
A wicked being loves to lurk in the dark
But I’ll help you escape and keep you strong.”

To Be Continued…

prince and castle

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