Poetry 138: The Man in the Woods (Part Four: The Riddle)

The Man in the Woods (Part Four: The Riddle)
by Aidenn A. Spelling

IV. The Riddle

Nightfall is approaching quickly
And the girl can’t stay much longer
“Can I give you something pretty
In exchange for your moniker?”

“Who are you to bargain?
Who are you to interrupt my day
To demand such a grand request?
Your life’s in peril, you ought to just pray.”

What if I ask a question?” she says
As the beast sniffs and walks closer
“You make me laugh,” he snorts
“I do not answer to no trespasser.”

“Then you ask me something,” she says
“If I answer with great wisdom,
You can show me the way out
Or do whatever you wish with my freedom”

So he begins to speak slowly
And proceeds with his riddle:

“A creature lives within
A circle caressed by light
Day and night he toils
The soil that gives him life
But only takes true form
When evening light shines brightly
An image of royalty and stance
Awakened from deep slumber
A ball of light from a distance
He hopes would shine forever.”

To Be Continued…


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