Poetry 137: The Man in the Woods (Part Three: The Encounter)

The Man in the Woods (Part Three: The Encounter)
by Aidenn A. Spelling

III. The Encounter

Quiet footsteps even from afar
Are of no use to hide from beasts
They can hear, they can sniff
They have super senses to say the least

With big ears and big eyes
Nothing can escape their senses
Their strong noses can smell fear
Their sharp teeth can chew wooden fences

But one particular beast of sorts
Although reclusive and unrefined
Has his interest triggered by the scent
Of lavender sprigs and orange rind

“I know you’re there” he yells out loud
But only frogs and cicadas respond
As she watches him from a distance
Behind an old tree and a murky pond

“There is no point in hiding child
There is no way out of the woods
Might as well show yourself
And face me or become baked goods.”

To Be Continued…

girl hiding

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