Poetry 136: The Man in the Woods (Part Two: Not What It Seems)

The Man in the Woods (Part Two: Not What It Seems)
by Aidenn A. Spelling

II. Not What It Seems

But all talk can be poison
With noone to examine proof
Who knows what lurks within
Who knows why he is aloof

He starts his day to greet the sky
And sings as the bluebirds sing
He feels the cool misty air rises
And takes in the sunlight’s peering

He waters his strange plants and trees
A marvel no one could tell from outside
A tiny paradise he likes to consider
A gem he takes care of with great pride

But one day while playing with friends
A girl finds her way into the shadows
A dare she dares not seek that day
To behold upon the gate that’s narrow

She loses her way inside the woods
And takes forever to come out
Her friends tremble with fear
As whispers from inside say “Get out!”

To Be Continued…

red girl in the woods

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