Poetry 135: The Man in the Woods (Part One: A Dark Being)

The Man in the Woods (Part One: A Dark Being)
by Aidenn A. Spelling

I. A Dark Being

Deep within the forest
Lives a man hidden from view
Nobody knows how he got there
His origins remain a big clue

His fame only feeds fear
His name no one knows really
Not many dare seek him out
For a curse awaits who try silly

A man of imposing stature
With a hump like a camel
A face that can seem harsh
And eyes that pierce and rebel

Sometimes a howling can be heard
Sometimes an eerie cold silence
A murder of crows hover above
As spooky wailings emanate like sirens

No one dares enter the misty gates
The dark opening of the woods
For it’s home to strange things
Strange happenings could do no good

To Be Continued…

spooky with birds above

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