Poetry 134: Memories of Winter

Memories of Winter
by Aidenn A. Spelling

Cool air greets us all
From mid to late September
The type that brings smiles
And tons of holiday fever

Many children cannot wait
For a spectacular ending
Twelve months of waiting
Everyone anticipating

Then as the year turns over
In the blink of an eye or two
Back to work, back to the grind
Blue skies turn into grayish hue

We work night and day
As darkness takes over
It cloaks the whole land
And carries with it a shiver

As giant snowflakes fall
Over sea and over land
A white sheet envelops
A frozen tundra takes command

From surface to surface
It bleeds of pasty color
No one can escape it
Not even the most superior

The chilly wind gusts
Help not ease the freeze
Its anger isn’t like summer
Its wrath comes with frosty breeze

But what awaits at the end
After surviving an icy ordeal
A thawing of great proportions
That will make us cry and kneel



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