Poetry 140: The Man in the Woods (Part Six: The Wicked One)

The Man in the Woods (Part Six: The Wicked One)
by Aidenn A. Spelling

VI. The Wicked One

There was once a young prince
Who lived in a castle in a far away land
He was full of vigor and full of life
But he was also uncouth and unrefined

A spoiled brat who orders people around
And treats his servants like dogs–it’s insanity
Readily dismissed the poor and the old
Didn’t care about anyone but his own vanity

One day he got stuck deep in a dark forest
And needed to find a way out in bad weather
Along the way he stumbled upon a girl
All dirty, her body drenched in mud and water

“I’ve lost my way and if I may ride with you
I may be able to remember
To find a way out of the woods
And get out of here much faster.”

Without uttering a sound he lifted her up
And galloped their way into the dark
“The light is near,” the girl whispered
But as they got closer, they hit a tree bark

The girl fell face down in the mud
While the prince yelled for his steed to stay
But with no regard for her well-being
He left her in the woods and sped away

No looking back, no remorse
Freedom was all that mattered
He was thankful to his horse
No guilt, or care in the world

To Be Continued…

girl in shadows

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