Poetry 141: The Man in the Woods (Part Seven: A New Curse)

The Man in the Woods (Part Seven: A New Curse)
by Aidenn A. Spelling

VII. A New Curse

The full moon does not last long
One short night is all he has
One short night to make things right
To make amends with the past

“I only ask that you share with me
A piece of that lavender sprig
Then follow the path that’s lit
It will guide you to the exit.”

But, alas, the wicked one arrives
Her voice shrieks like a mad horn
Her hair and skin, pale as a corpse
And her fiery eyes pierce and scorn

“Where are you going?” she asks
Little pretty things should stay
The exit has been blocked
You can’t escape. There is no way!”

She laughs as she tries to grab her
Her shrills sharp and intense
As she tries to cast a spell on her
And douse her with some incense

“All trespassers must pay a price
For no good comes from your kind
Your arms and legs shall grow weaker
And your body shall shrink and lose its spine.”

“Please, I beg you. Please be kind
I have only lost my way,” the girl says
Please forgive my intrusion
I just want to go home and rest.”

But it was way too late
For the witch has turned her
Into a frail and lifeless doll
Easy picking for any wild creature

She cries for what seemed like hours
But it’s no use for she is paralyzed
The witch only leaves her with a hint
As she cackles her way back into the dark

Conclusion awaits…

rag doll

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