Poetry 143: Where is Everybody?

Where Is Everybody?
by Aidenn A. Spelling

I woke up one morning
To sunlight’s warm embrace
To the sounds of birds singing
And laughter from children playing

I woke up to the sound of the wind
Caressing the leaves of maple trees
Whispering beautiful nonsense to my ears
“Come out and play. Everyone is here.”

I woke up to sounds of little feet running
Of tapping noises up and down the stairs
Of adults chattering and giggling silly
I know a hint of excitement is brewing

My warm bed tells me:

“Get up and get out the door
Get up and greet your family
And hug everyone unconditionally.
They’ve journeyed far and wide
A trek they don’t really mind
They’ve come with fresh goodies
And a warm and heartfelt message–
Of laughter and love
Of memories gone by
Of childhood tricks and games
Of a feast only one can imagine.
They’d fill up the kitchen floor
And talk and laugh for hours
They’d create a magical meal
No one can replicate or even steal.”

But all of this came to a halt
All of this ended in vain
As I walked out the door in a haze
And saw that no one was around

My wish was just a dream
A dream I cannot bring to life
A dream I had no control over
A dream that was pure fluff

Where has everyone gone?
Where were the voices and chatters?
The little voices and the laughter
Why has everyone disappeared?

I searched everywhere
I searched every corner
And opened every door
But I only found emptiness

Not a trace of life to be found
No sweet smell of fruits
Or promise of a great feast
Not a single footprint in the house

So I went back to my room
And tried to sleep once more
Hoping to recreate the dream
Despite the sun’s gleam


little boy in bed with birds

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