Poetry 144: Spring Roll (An Ode to Lumpia)

Spring Roll (An Ode to Lumpia)
by Aidenn A. Spelling

You make it with fresh meat
From a fat and happy pig
You can make it with shrimp
Giving it a fishy good stink

Add salt and pepper for flavor
Minced onions and carrots, no taters
Use a head of garlic for boldness
And add a little dash of niceness

A bit of soy sauce can be used
Worcestershire for the adventurous
Some use herbs and fish sauce
And mix it all up with no pause

But you’ll have to roll it after
Hence the name of the li’l critter
So buy a nice spring roll wrap
And roll away after filling it up

A quick bath in heated hot oil
Is what each needs to fulfill
Its destiny of crunchy goodness
In one’s tummy it will reach absolute happiness



spring rolls

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