Poetry 156: A Soft New Beginning

A Soft New Beginning

For almost ten years, our friendship has lasted

For almost ten years, our love has never waned

But after the pain started, we should both reconsider
A love that lasted a decade must all come to an end
Your soft tender touch, your warm caressing heart
The love that you gave has created a dent in my soul
A great discomfort that has caused agony over the years 
Will soon vanish with one special event
Sure we had ups and downs
Sure there are plenty of sleepless nights
All the twists and turns
All the crunching, gnashing, and tossing
Will soon be just a memory
A wonderful one made of both dreams and nightmares
Of flying balloons and crystal castles
Of terrifying giants and little pink monsters
A new day has begun, and I can’t wait to enjoy
A new sensation…a celebration…a birth of a new beginning…
Tonight I will dream of cotton candies and cream
And look at purple waves amidst a glistening horizon
And sleep with a smile as I begin a new journey
With my new eight-hour buddy
My new best friend, my new love, my new destiny


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