Poetry 162: The Vine That Binds

The Vine That Binds

It takes root
From the depths of the earth
Slowly inching, making its way out
Finding light that will give it life

It sprouts
From its tender slender limbs
Creating leaves and other limbs
Creeping and crawling on top ground

It is able to rise
Through beanstalks and trellises
On stoops and mountainous walls
Around thorny twigs and tree trunks

Resilient and strong, it finds life
Wherever there is light
Wherever there is rain
Wherever there is hope and love

It connects  
It’s what it’s meant to do
Forever related
Forever intertwined

And the fruits of its voyage
Shall bear the mark of its sweat and tenacity
A stamp that will last forever
Until a new one starts its own journey


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